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The Centre for Open Studies offers a broad range of part-time courses for adults and a variety of activities throughout the year, including a summer programme and public lectures.

20th century Scottish art

This 10-week course examines Scotland's important contribution to modern and contemporary art, starting in the late 1890s and finishing in the present day.


Ancient Egyptian art

This 10-week course will look at the art of Ancient Egyptian tombs and temples, and the ideas and beliefs associated with them, as well as specific masterpieces of Egyptian art


The art of the 20th century

This 20-week course provides an introduction to the major movements, artists, and ideas of 20th century art and introduces students to the important debates and controversies surrounding modern art.


Art of the ancient New East

This 20-week course will explore the idiosuncrasies and commonalities of the art that expressed cultural identity across the ancient Near East.


From Giotto to Gauguin: European painting 1300-1900

This 20-week course provides a broad overview of 500 years of European art from Giotto and the Renaissance to the achievements of the impressionists and Post-Impressionists in the later 19th century.


Life and culture in ancient Egypt

This 20-week course explores key issues of historial and cultural importance in ancient Egypt, including kingship, administration and religion.


Hunterian Art Gallery collections

This 10-week course, a mixture of lectures and gallery visits, provides an introduction to the wonderful collection of art in the University of Glasgow's Hunterian Art Gallery.


Creative writing: perspectives

This 10-week course will introduce students to writing in prose fiction and poetry.


Dutch 17th century painting

This 10-week course provides an introduction to the remarkable variety of art produced in the Golden Age of Dutch art and assesses the contribution of major artists such as Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer and Ruisdael.


Scottish Philosophy

This 10-week course examines the key concepts and legacy of major Scottish philosophers such as Adam Smith and David Hume as well as the important influences of their work on the western tradition of philosophy.


Treasures of Scottish painting

This 10-week course traces the development of Scottish painting from the still-life artist William Gouw Ferguson in the 17th century up to the Scottish Colourist John Duncan Ferguson in the early 20th century.


Advanced hieroglyphs

This 10-week course allows students to build upon their language and interpretation skills gained at level 1, broadening their knowledge of ancient Egyptian grammar and developing their ability to translate and discuss a wide variety of ancient Egyptian texts.

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