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Ionnsachadh teaghlaich / Family Learning

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28th Jan 2020


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Seisean spòrsail ag amas air pàrantan/luchd-cùraim agus clann aois 3-5 bliadhna, ag ionnsachadh còmhla tro chleachdadh air filmichean, sgeulachdan agus ceòl.

A fun session to help young children and their carers learn Gaelic together. Films, stories and music are used to provide an interactive learning experience. The event is aimed at parents and carers with children aged 3-5 years. Sessions are open to all not only those who speak Gaelic. In partnership with Glasgow Life / Glaschu Beò.

Admission free | Booking essential

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  • 1445 Argyle Street Glasgow G3 8AW Scotland
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