Chasing Chuck Trail

Join in with the Glasgow Museums 'Chasing Chuck' trail on the 23rd April 2022 at our Relaunch day by following the steps below!

Start heading along ‘The Avenue’, the main corridor in Kelvin Hall. You will pass the toilet facilities and the Collections Showcase, where the Nature Detectives activity is taking place.

Woah! Did you know Kelvin Hall used to house a circus? Take a look at yourself in the mirror.

  • Did you know?: The person you can see in the mirror could be a hero who helps to save our planet!
  • When we all do a little, we can achieve a lot

Now go a little further along and look to the other side of ‘The Avenue’ and you will see the first of two large windows into the Glasgow Museum Stores. Press the pad to the right of the windows to illuminate what’s inside!

  • What objects can you see?
  • Did you know?: sustainable materials can be produced with little cost to the environment. This includes materials like bamboo, glass, wool and clay.
  • Game: can you spot any objects made from these materials in the stores? Write down objects from the stores made from these materials.

Stop at the display about COP26 and protest in Glasgow. Do you remember COP26 last year?

  • Did you do any activities for it in school?
  • Did you learn anything about our environment?
  • Do any members of your group remember the protests in this display?
  • Game - In this display case, find:
    • Something shaped like a circle
    • Something made of an animal material
    • Something with words on
    • Something that has been used a lot

 Look in the next display case along. Can you spot the tin of powdered milk?

  • Did you know?: It takes 628 litres of water to make 1 litre of cow’s milk! A litre of oat milk requires 48 litres of water and a litre of soya milk requires only 28 litres of water, making them much better for the environment.
  • Game: Try playing ‘I Spy’ using the objects in these display cases.

 Move along ‘The Avenue’ to the Hunterian Museum’s display on geology.

  • Did you know?: From studying rocks we can understand what the Earth’s environment was like millions of years ago and how it is different from today.
  • These rock samples are very colourful. This is because of the different types of rock that make them up. Which do you like the most?
    • Game: Try counting all the individual thin sections in the display. How many are there?
  • Before humans existed, the world was very different to how it is today. No single other species has changed the planet as much as we have. Do you think this is good or bad?

 Head into the National Library of Scotland at the end of the corridor.

  • Activity: Use the touch screens to search for a video that interests you! Perhaps your hometown or favourite hobby. How was it different in the past? How do you think it will look in the future?
  • You can also learn how to reuse old video cases in the Access Centre.

 At the end of the corridor, outside the National Library of Scotland is a round display. Take a look at it and see if you can find Chuck!

  • What kind of animal is Chuck? And what sound does it make?
  • What do you think Chuck is made of?
  • You can learn how to make a bird feeder out of recycled materials in the Activity Room!

 Talk to the staff beside Chuck to receive your prize!

  • 1445 Argyle Street | Glasgow | G3 8AW | Scotland Entry to Kelvin Hall is Free
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