Tearoom Treats: Mackintosh Rose

Today in Glasgow Museums’ Tearoom Treats, we’re going to make a Mackintosh inspired fondant rose!

You will need:

  • Some fondant icing, you can colour it if you like.
  • A sandwich bag

Take some of your fondant icing and roll it into a ball, about the same size as a 2p piece. Split the ball into 8 pieces.

Take one piece and shape it into a cone, roll the others into small balls. Put the fondant balls into the sandwich bag and flatten them into petal shapes with your thumb. Take them out the bag and start layering each petal round the fondant cone, overlapping them. Put a little bit of water on them so they stick. Use a cocktail stick or a skewer to tease out the tip of the petals as you stick each one on.

When you have added all the petals you want to add, snip the bottom of the rose off to take away some of the bulk. You can use your rose to decorate an iced biscuit, or maybe a cupcake – or you could just eat it! Let us know how you get on, share your photos with us! 

Fondant Roses inspired by Mackintosh prints

Step by Step guide to making your fondant rose.

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