About the Exhibition

Learn more about all there is to see and do at T.rex in Town and get to know Trix, the 66 million year old fossil at the centre of the exhibition.

Meet Trix!

Step back in time to the Cretaceous period and meet Trix. Standing at 12 metres long, the giant Tyrannosaurus rex will greet visitors in attack mode! 

Trix is the third most complete T.rex skeleton ever discovered, with over half of her bones uncovered and each one remarkably well-preserved. She lived to over 30 years old, meaning she is also the oldest T.rex skeleton ever found.

The 66-million-year-old fossil of the carnivorous dinosaur was found in Montana, USA in 2013 and is the centerpiece of this touring exhibition from the Netherlands. Trix is the only original skeleton of a T. Rex currently touring anywhere in the world.

About the exhibition

As well as having an opportunity to see Trix, you can find out more about Trix’s turbulent life from the information uncovered in her bones. Learn about what she ate, how she might have looked and what her environment would have been like. 

Don’t miss the exciting interactive exhibits on display alongside Trix where you can learn lots of fascinating facts about all things dinosaur!

Find out if you can outrun or outcycle a T.rex!

Become a graffiti artist to design your own dino.

Discover if you weigh as much as a T.rex ate?

Make a T.rex move – do you think they could dance?

Find a fossil – on a virtual ‘dino dig’.

For the Scottish leg of Trix’s tour there will also be fossilized dinosaur footprints on display, found on our very own Isle of Skye 

A bespoke exhibition shop is open 7 days a week, stocking an array of items suitable for Dino fans, young and old.

After the exhibition relax in our Dino-themed cafe area with delicious street food from the Big Feed.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to come face to face with a T. Rex! Glasgow is the last stop on Trix’s Europen tour before she returns home to the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, Netherlands 

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This exhibition is organised by Glasgow Museums and The Hunterian, University of Glasgow. 


  • 1445 Argyle Street Glasgow G3 8AW Scotland
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